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  • Can Cabin Caddy be used by any window seat passenger?
    Yes. With today's typical seat-to-window-ratio, being 3:4 (three windows per every four seats), there are three possible window positions per seat; left of the aisle center, center aisle, or right of aisle center. Cabin Caddy can be installed in any of these window positions. Where a window is the furthest distance from the seat, one or both tray arms amy be used where practical.
  • Will Cabin Caddy obstruct or interfere with the seat-back movement of the seat directly in front of the user?
    No. Cabin Caddy has been designed to not interfere with the movement of the seat-back of the seat directly in front of the user.
  • Is Cabin Caddy a patented product?
    Yes. Cabin Caddy is covered and protected by one or more issued patents with one or more patents still pending.
  • Is Cabin Caddy FAA compliant?
    Yes. Cabin Caddy complies with FAA regulations relative to tray table storing and locking prior to take-off and landings.
  • Is Cabin Caddy always positioned within the airplane window frame?
    No. Cabin Caddy may be installed after takeoffs and removed prior to landings in five to ten seconds. Each Cabin Caddy tray folds into its own base compartment leaving a low profile of less than one inch. When not in use, Cabin Caddy may be conveniently stored in the seatback pouch (where magazines are stored), in a purse, or in your carry-on.
  • Is it possible to leave my seat while Cabin Caddy is holding my beverage holders and mobile devices?
    Yes. At last, there is no need to give up your beverage service when you need to leave your seat.
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